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Turn On the Light

There is something about light. I just turned on a couple of battery operated candles positioned on my fireplace mantle as part of my autumn decor. The light awakens my soul, lights up my spirit, strengthens my body.

Jesus, You are the Light of the world. If and when Your Light goes out ~~ during those few years somewhere in the future when Your Presence draws back, and the antithesis of You has permission to wreak havoc in the earth ~~ how great that darkness will be!

I watched a movie the other night, Reminiscence, a science fiction thriller that plays with the ability to access the memories of other people through technology. The film feels like the last few tribulation years before Jesus returns in overwhelming light and glory. Pretty dark before the dawn.

We crave light. We love the soothing ambiance of a fireplace, a sunrise, a sunset. The glitter of Christmas lights. The sparkle of fireworks. Light is a good thing. A healing energy. Our spirit remembers the light that infuses every micro cell of heaven, that light we danced in before we were born. We were a sparkle in Father Gods’ eyes!

Light is a reassurance of things to come when our Beloved Jesus splits the sky and wraps us in the soothing Light of His manifest Presence.

We can experience that Presence now as we calm our heart and mind and absorb the Light of His Presence here and now. As we transition to a new season, light a candle or two. Let the glow of the flame nurture you as you turn your heart towards Jesus.

Walk in His Light today!

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